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TRUECHROME has a unique

three layer “spray-on” chrome finish

that consists of a layer of real silver

metal deposited between two layers

of paint. This process duplicates the

look and feel of real chrome. No other

company offers this level of quality

and commitment to this revolutionary

new process.











Truechrome starts with a formulated basecoat that provides a high-gloss reactive surface to which the metal spray bonds. The basecoat is fast drying and covers most substrates in just one coating.


Our second step involves two unique water-based solutions, sprayed with a dual-nozzle gun. The reaction creates a fine mist of real silver metal that deposits with a perfect mirror reflection over the entire basecoat surface.  


Lastly is our clear topcoat. Ultra-durable protective coating applied over the entire reflective surface. Transparent colors can be added to the topcoat to achieve a vibrant spectrum of customizing options.











-Environmentally friendlier than conventional chrome plating

-Contains no Hexavalent Chromium compounds

-No size restrictions

-Ultra-durable finish

-Very cost effective