Maryland Hydrographics and Powder Coatings, Inc. Is a family owned and operated business specializing in water transfer imaging and dry coating.


MHP offers hundreds of designs, patterns and colors with our Hydrographic and Powder Coatings. 


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Our Staff is complete with Ray Quinn, certified coated with over 20 years of experience, among many others with extensive knowledge in the field. 


Each of our employees has been to a rigorous training course to improve their quality and efficiency for our operation.


They are certified coater who have learned:

-Surface prep on different materials such as plastics, metals, hard woods, etc.

-Film prep, storage, base coat selection.
-Dipping angles, special masking techniques.
-Equipment maintenance, troubleshooting.
-Painting - primers, base coats, clear coats, adhesion promoters.
-Activator application, storage.
-Spray gun setup.

All of our equipment is proudly made in the USA. We guarantee all of our work. Our stainless steel commercial grade tanks have been constructed for optimal and quality work. We have a large oven to conveniently fit any project you may request.